AUASO “Alraid” Greets The Graduates From Schools And Universities

30.05.2014 / 607

Dear graduates! You are now standing on the threshold of your new, adult life, where everyone has to make a choice. Former schoolchildren still have their exams to pass and uneasy choice of their future profession to make, which includes selecting proper college or University. Graduates from Colleges and Universities now have to find their niche at the labor-market.

We heartily wish you to succeed in becoming high-demand specialists in your field, for the prosperous society begins with each of us — with our determination., our honesty, our wish for becoming maximum productive in our field.

We believe that we have chances of building a country no one would like to leave in search of a better life. He have complete faith and trust in you, for we are one team now, and will strive for this goal together.  God help us!

All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisation “Alraid”


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