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Donetsk III International Conference Initiators Welcome Islamic Researchers Interested In Matters Of The “Golden Mean”

05.09.2013 / 1056

III International Research and Practice Conference “Al-Wasatiyyah Principle In Islam” will take place on September, 19. The event was initiated by  the Ukrainian Centre for Islamic Studies, Centre for Religious Research And International Spiritual Relations, RAMU “”Umma” and AUASO “Alraid” and it’ll take place at the Victoria Hotel Centre Conference-Hall (14a Mira Avenue, Donets’k, Ukraine, 83015). The conference begins at 11AM, though the initiators recommend the participants to arrive earlier as the registration opens at 10:30 AM.

The Conference’s approximate issues list includes the following topics: “Al-Wasatiyyah” as the basic principle of Islam, Contemporary tendencies for Islamic development in Europe and Ukraine, moderatism vs, radicalism in global society, Islamic studies in Ukraine, “Arab Spring” as a social and religious phenomenon. Plenary meeting and a roundtable discussion of “Al-Wasatiyyah principle in Islam: theory and practice” are on the agenda. Ukrainian, Russian and English are the working languages of the conference.

The initiators welcome researchers and everyone interested in the issues listed above.

For participation you need to e-mail your thesis and a freeform application to (indicating the title of your report, author’s full name, science degree or rank, title of University, Organisation or Institute, position, and some contact information, i.e. address, cell, business phone number, e-mail).

Typescript requirements are standard: the thesis must contain  author’s (authors’) full name (names) and a title written either in Ukrainian or in the language used in it. As for the structure, the text must contain a rationale, Project at a Glance, research objective, solution methods and findings as well as conclusions on academic novelty and reasonable practicality of the results. Text size is limited to 8 to 10 pages (excluding the list of references), format A4, font Times New Roman, size 14, spacing 1.5. Indents are 2 sm on the left, the top and the bottom and 1 sm on the right.

The list of references is indicated at the end of thesis in rank order (square brackets) in the language of manuscript. Please group the tables and diagrams.

For further information please dial +38-099-943-46-79 (Ms. Anna Parkhomenko, Ukrainian Centre for Islamic Studies press-secretary) or +38-096-489-39-90 (Ms. Lilia Alekseyeva, Head of Centre for Religious Research And International Spiritual Relations).


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