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A New Digest of Young Islamic Researchers’ Works Was Presented at The Opening of The Second International Summer School for Islamic Studies

03.07.2013 / 958

On July 29, the five-day Second International Summer School for Islamic Studies was launched in the town of Nikolayevka (Crimea). It was organized and promoted by AUASO “Alraid” and AUSO “Ukrainian Centre for Islamic Studies”.

It united not only participants from all over Ukraine, but also their colleague from the neighboring Moldova. The agenda included lectures, reports and entertainment programme.

Phenomenon in The Post-Soviet Area

As given in the unbiased assessment of the President of the AUSO “Ukrainian Centre for Islamic Studies”Said Ismagilov, such school is a phenomenon in the Post-Soviet Area. Any researcher revolving around Islamic studies can take part in the Summer School.

Mr. Ismagilov and Mrs. Olga Fryndak (the Public Relation Officer of AUASO “Alraid”) held the presentation of the fresh edition “Al-Qalam” containing works of the young Islamic researchers.

This volume is a digest of works of the participants of both I and II Summer Schools for Islamic Studies as well as IV, V and VI Contests of Islamic Studies named after Antohenell Krymskiy.

Every participant of the School received their copy of “Al-Qalam” to check out their fellow Islamic searchers insight.


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