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Interesting, Fun and Healthy: Boys Session of Druzhba Camp Began

27.06.2019 / 29

It’s been three days since the boys’ session of Druzhba Summer Camp started. 37 boys aged 7 to 16 arrived on 25 June from both all over Ukraine and even from abroad (as the families living abroad don’t want their kids to lose connection with Ukraine).

During the opening ceremony, the newly arrived campers were introduced to the camp’s daily regimen and its programme, and it became clear that there would be no time to get bored. The camp offers spiritual programme (basics of praying, reading the Qur’an and adhkar), entertainment (sports games in the open air, like football, volleyball, archery and swimming in a pool), and intellectual exercising (intellectual games, qwests, workshops and excursions).

On their second day, a group of elder boys went biking, and everybody enjoys Tariq Sarhan’s campfire tale in the evening.


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