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Children’s Camp “Druzba”: Yaremche, Prolonged Vacation, Busy Agenda

07.07.2018 / 121

It’s been five days already since this year’s Children’s Summer Camp “Druzhba” (Ukr. “Friendship”) started. This year, it is held in the very same hotel where Annual Summer Seminar for the New Muslimahs took part earlier this summer. The hotel owners received the followers of Islam very warmly, and everything to make their stay comfortable. They even asked the Muslims for contacts of halal meat suppliers, and ordered meet for cooking the meals, and wurst forbreasfast and salads. A nearby forest, mountain river Prut, separate swimming pool, and sports games in fresh mountain air — what else can one wish for a great recreation?

This time, there are more participants: 30 boys and 35 girls aged 8 to 15 joined the camp. They were accommodated on separate floors and divided in groups based on their age (4 groups for the boys and 3 groups for the girls). The overall group is accompanied by 7 camp counselors, a doctor, a nurse, and an archery instructor (the archery crossbow trainings are held every day). By the parent’s demand, this year’s camp will last longer, 11 days.

Besides the archery, there are daily classes on Islam and Qur’an, master classes, excursions, playing in the fresh air, and scheduled time for swimming in the pool for boys and girls separately.
They already went to the bank of Prut, but the main backpacking and excursions are still ahead. The group hopes that, despite the rain forecasts, the weather will be as sunny and warm as during the first days.


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