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New Muslimahs Camp: Even Non-Muslimahs Asked to Join!

28.06.2018 / 108

On saturday, 23 June, Annual Summer Camp for the New Muslimahs started in Yaremche to last until the following Thursday, 28 June. The hotel owners received the followers of Islam very warmly, and everything to make their stay comfortable. They even asked them for contacts of halal meat suppliers, and ordered meet for cooking the meals, and wurst forbreasfast and salads. A nearby forest, mountain river Prut, separate swimming pool for women only and fresh mountain air — what else can one wish for a great recreation?

Still, the Muslimah came not only to rest, but to study, so each day they attend two lessons of Qur’an, along with lectures on the basics of Fiqh, religious practice and peculiarities of women’s religious practice due to periods, childbirth and breastfeeding. Topics of good neighbourly relations with non-Muslims, moderation in Islam (the “golden mean” principle) and sisterhood were also raised, with a psychological training ahead.

The overall number of participants is 45 (noteworthy, 2 of them are non-Muslims so interested in learning more about islam and Muslimahs’ everyday life that they asked to join the camp and were invited), and 6 female teachers. This summer women's event, organized Ukrainian Muslimahs League jointly with the Department for women and family affairs of "Alraid", under the support of the Kuwaiti Fund "Qawafil".

In order to stay fit and increase attention during the lessons, the ladies go in for sports in the morning: walking, jogging, etc, enriching their bodies with pure mountain air rain or shine.



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