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Sumy Muslims Visited The Cancer-Stricken Children

18.11.2014 / 852

Childrens’ oncology is one of the most topical problems for Ukrainian medical care nowadays. Statistically, such diseases are diagnosed for more than a thousand kids each year, and Ukraine is the 5th in Europe in the children’s death rate for the reason of oncology. It’s hard to stand aside when little ones require help and compassion.

Wishing to support the sick children invoked the Muslim volunteers from the Sumy Social Organisation “Druzhba” (Ukr. “Friendship”) to pay a visit to the patients of the local oncologic dispensary, where more than 30 children are taken care of at the moment. The volunteers talked a little about their organisation and the religion of islam, and then started their entertaining programme. Some of the little patients were bedridden and couldn’t join their peers, so the visitors came to their ward to talk to every single child so no one felt abandoned.

In the end of the day both the patients and the medical staff were presented with small gifts. i.e. office supplies, sweets and toys.

The Hospital administration thanked the young Muslims, but their best award was the gratitude in the children’s eyes.


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