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Temporarily Displaced Muslims From Crimea And Donbass Need Our Help!

22.07.2014 / 2346

Volunteers from Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre “Alraid” continue delivering the grocery baskets they bought for charity funds raised by Kyiv Muslims for temporarily displaced Muslims from Crimea and Donbass and other Muslims in need in Kyiv. Each of 45 baskets weights about 30 kg and contains the basic set of products which allows the families not to worry about winning food on the table for at least some period of time. This includes packs of rice and sugar (5 kg each), buckwheat and pasta (3 kg each), tea, oil, flour, cookies, dates… Some families came to the ICC to pick the food, but most of the baskets are to be delivered by the ICC volunteers.

Families needing help were revealed with the help of the Community of Crimean Tatars in Kyiv and the Crimea_SOS Project; and refugees from Luhansk region contacted the ICC directly. Most of them are settled in hostels in Kyiv suburbs. The project volunteers drew our attention to the fact that these people were only provided with a temporary place to stay, which, in terms of absence of a complex state programme for assisting the internally displaced persons, brings them to a constant threat of losing their shelter at any minute.

If anyone is able to provide Muslims from Crimea and Donbass with a place to live, please let us know by either e-mail or telephone (044) 490 99 00 (contact person Mr. Oleh Guzik). You can also donate some money for people in need on our website.


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