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Save A Life — Save Ukraine!

12.09.2014 / 932
Next Tuesday, September 16, non-indifferent Kyiv Muslims are gathering at the capital’s Islamic Cultural Centre (25a Dehtyarivska Str.) in order to leave for the Kyiv City Blood Centre (12 M.Berlinskogo Str) at 10AM and donate their blood for Ukrainian soldiers injured in the Anti Terrorist operation in Donbass for free. The volunteers welcome everyone non-indifferent to either join their event or donate blood at any place. Please find the full list of recommendations and contraindications in a special brochure developed by the AUASO “Alraid” and RAMU “Umma” (in Russian).
We also announce that the annual blood donor benefit “Become a Donor!”  at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre will be held in winter this time, on December 26. Volunteers of the social organisation “An-Noor” and the Kyiv City Blood Centre mobile medical team  invite everyone to take part in it and prolong lives for many people!
What documents the donor must provide to the medical officers?
You need to have your Ukrainian passport or any other equivalent identifying document and a registration code  with you. Local registration is not required for people donating their blood on a gratuitous basis. Non-citizens living in Ukraine legally can donate blood at the discretion of  either Chief Physician or Chief of the Medical Team. They must have their national passport and registration code with them, and a foreign passport (if there is any) with the stamp identifying when they entered Ukraine and if they left the country within past 3 years and what countries they visited if they did go abroad within that period of time. They should also have the document confirming their legal staying in Ukraine (visa, residence permit, etc.)
There are some requirements for the dietary regime
Please remember that the recipients are people with heavy diseases, often put on a strict diet. Their liver is weak because of the medicine they take, and it can fail to deal with some components received with the donor’s blood. For that reason please refrain from fat products (meat, animal fat, butter, eggs), fried food, spicy or salty food and milk products (milk, cream, ice-cream, yogurt, kefir). Do not drink alcohol. If you take medication - please see the contraindications listed in the brochure.
It’s better for your body if you donate blood in the morning, the optimal time is 8 to 12 AM. The best time to have last pre-donation meal is about 3 to 4 hours before donating your blood.
What should a donor eat during 2 days before the donation?
You can have water porridges, boiled or steamed vegetables,  boiled or steamed lean meat or poultry (chicken breasts, veal), boiled or steamed lean fish, fruit, juice, jelly, compote. In the morning of the donation day you should also have a sweet tea with dessert, jam of cookies. You have to drink a lot of liquids, both before and  several days after the donation. They offer you tea and cookies right before the donation to make the procedure easier for your body.
If you smoke, please refrain from smoking at least for 2 hours before donating blood.
What should the donor wear?
For your own comfort please make sure that the sleeves and trouser legs are wide enough to turn up easily (trouser legs are turned up during the pre-donorship medical check and the sleeves are turned up during the donorship procedure). The clothing should also be comfortable for granting the doctors fast access to the  body during the medical examination.
The footwear must be comfortable and steady; sportswear would be the best. Please avoid wearing high heels, platform-sole, slippers and sandals.


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