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Qur’an Reciting Contest In Vinnitsa: a Warm-Up Before the Forthcoming Holy Month

26.06.2014 / 1095

On the threshold of Ramadan “Al-Isra” Social Organisation held a Qur’an reciting contest for women and children at Vinnitsa Islamic Cultural Centre on June 20. The Holy Month is also referred to as “the Month of Qur’an”, so both the facilitators and the participants made a good “warm-up” beforehand.

The contestants, depending on their age, competed in three categories: Surah 57 (“Iron”) for adults, Surah 73 (“The One wrapped in Garments”) for teenagers, and 12 last Surahs for the little ones, as these are the shortest Surahs of the Holy Book.

Summarizing the results, Ms. Dala Abusneineh won in the first category, Ms. Sasha Melshtein was the best reciter in the second category, and Mr.Saleh Temishev was the best reciter of the last 12 Surahs.


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