Address in Account of the Mosques Arsons in Crimea

01.11.2013 / 746
On October 13 and 15 someone committed arsons of the Saqi Central Mosque and the Rovnoe village Mosque (Krasnogvardeiskiy district).
This crime has caused abrupt destabilization of the social-political situation on the peninsula and put a risk of losing interfaith and interethnic balance, peace and quiet in Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine.
We consider those barbarous acts towards the Muslim religious buildings as those aiming to throw the State and the society of Ukraine into turmoil of ethnic and religious conflicts. The criminals didn’t even abandon their plans in view of coming great Muslim feast Eid-al-Adha, the feast of peace, mercy and forgiveness.
We think that not only the Crimean Tatars have been stroken, not only Crimean Muslims — but the State of Ukraine as a whole. We believe that the authorities understand how serious the aftermath of those acts can be and, along with the Crimean Law enforcement agencies, concentrate on doing everything necessary for a fast, full and qualified investigation of those acts that are dangerous for the whole Ukrainian society.
We call upon Muslims, Christians and believers of other confessions for association and cohesion in defended the priceless gift we have, namely interfaith and interethnic peace and social-political stability.
We believe that such criminal acts and attempts to desecrate temples are ill-fated, and that Ukrainian society condemns people doing such things.
AUASO “Alraid”
“Ukrainian Center For Islamic Studies” NGO


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