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“Alraid” Office In Crimea Awarded With A Certificate Of Merit On The Independance Day

29.08.2013 / 1279

Saqi district state administration awarded the team of “Alraid” office in Crimea on the Day of Independence. They received a Certificate of Merit for their valuable contribution in preparing and holding the Crimean Open Football Championship.

This by no means is their first award of this kind: the team of the “Alraid” Crimean Office receives courtesies from the Saqi district state administration and the Crimean Cabinet of Ministers on a regular basis, and they already have a collection of several dozens Certificates of Merit.  Members of the “Alraid” team go far beyond arranging different sports competitions; they initiated a lot of charity projects focused on helping those in hardships and and satisfying the community needs.

The Association employees and volunteers provide assistance for poor people, orphans and orphan asylums, provide support in building and reconstructing social implication objects (primary, secondary and high schools, mosques, medical cabinets, etc), arrange intellectual competitions for the youth and scientific events for the researchers of social phenomenons of the great current interest.


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