New Era For Crimean Tatars and a New Round of Cooperation between “Alraid” and Mejlis

29.10.2013 / 1022
AUASO “Alraid” team congratulates the new Head of Crimean tatar Mejlis Refat Chubarov, elected during the first session of  VI Crimean Tatar Kurultai.
Our team considers this move as evidence that the Mejlis is willing to renovate their methods of work among Crimean tatars and developing productive dialogue with the authorities in order to stand for the interests of the inhabitants of peninsula. We hope that the new Head will be successful in consolidating the Crimean Tatar movement and strengthen the role of Mejlis in it, and also give the new start to solving problems of Crimean Peninsula.
Mr. Bassil Mareei, the Head of AUASO, sent a compliment letter to the Mejlis where he assured that the Association, namely its organisations, staff and volunteers, will always be a faithful companion and partner in a joint work of making Crimea a prosperous land where the Crimean tatars can have a worthy life.
“We know Mr. Chubarov as a profound activist and a faithful companion to Mustafa Dzhemilev who gained great recognition and respect by serving his people for many years.
We express gratitude for Mr. Dzhemilev who dedicated his life to serving his nation and restoring its unjustly downtrodden honour and returning them to their Fatherland. Nustafa-aga and his work are entire era of national and cultural movement which will take its worthy place in the history of Crimean Tatars,” - the letter says.


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