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Eid-al-Adha in Kyiv, Odessa and Donetsk: Poor People Can Have Meat in Festive, Too (PHOTO, VIDEO)

24.10.2013 / 2347
One of the two greatest Muslim feasts — Eid-al-Adha, celebrated on the Dhul-Hijjah 10 in honour of prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s, peace be upon him) sacrifice - began with a festive prayer on October 15. That Prophet obeyed the will of God and was ready to sacrifice his beloved son when the Almighty stopped him and sent him a lamb instead.
Slaughtering sacrificial animal is by no means a senseless act of cruelty; it’s rather an act of humanity of those who can afford buying such animal within the means of their lawful income towards those who don’t taste meat very often.
It’s better that the meat is divided to three parts equal in quality and weight right after the animal is dead and the blood left the body. One third is given to relatives and friends, another one third is donated to poor and needy, and the last one third remains for the owners and their families. This act of kindness strengthens friendship and family ties and is a form of social mutual help.
Eid-al-Adha was celebrated with joy and kindness in Kyiv, Odessa and Donetsk.
Thousands of Muslims living in the capital came to Kyiv Islamic Cultural centre (being on its final stage of reconstruction) that morning. Enhanced prayer halls gave enough room to accommodate every praying person, so this was the first year when nobody had to spread the carpets for praying outside.
After the prayer the children were happy to find entertainers dressed as famous Russian cartoon characters Masha and the Bear waiting for them with sweets and interesting games. The mothers had some treats, too.
Slaughtering sacrificial animals will take place on a farm in the Kyiv suburbs during the two following days. Poor people supervised by the RAMU “Umma” can receive their share of meat at the Kyiv ICC on Thursday, October 17, 10AM to 5PM.
Citizens of Odessa decided to make the festive prayer literary public, so they rent the F.L.A.G. Stadium situated in Kosmonavtov Square for that purpose. More than 500 people prayed and praised Allah Almighty together.
The men left for performing the sacrifice right after the prayer, so that the needy people could have their share in meat (⅓ of all 110 finest sheep was meant for the poor) the very next morning. Both Odessa Muslims and refugees from Syria were in that list.
As for women and children, they were invited for a festive concert at Odessa ICC later that day.
Mufti of RAMU “Umma” Sheikh Said Ismagilov reminded the  believers of the true meaning of that fabulous day during his khutbah at Donetsk ICC. He peace, happiness, serenity in faith, brotherhood, God’s mercy and blessings, well-being and mutual understanding upon everyone.
There were Holy Qur’an elocution, a-capella singing and dancing, and also children spouting poetry during the festive concert which took place after the prayer. “Al-Amal” social organisation also presented a videoreport for their activities during the past year.
Please see more news on this event to be published on our website as soon as information about celebrating Eid at other cities’ ICCs is available.
Thousands of Muslims living in the capital came to Kyiv Islamic Cultural centre for Eid prayer
After the prayer the children were happy to find entertaiment, games and sweets


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