New circulation of brochures about Prophet and the book with his biography, coming out in April 2013

19.04.2013 / 978

A new circulation of the Russian edition of Tahiya Al-Ismail’s book “Life of Muhammad”, entitled “Muhammad: Prophet’s Biography on the Basis of the Earliest Sources”, came out early in April. Also, new brochures about the personality of the Last Prophet were printed.

The above mentioned book was not the first one devoted to Prophetic biography, coming out in the Russian translation, but it has several outstanding features. First, apart from containing facts from the life of Prophet (may be peace and blessings upon him), it highlights many of his personal qualities and offers analysis of events. It feels as if the author takes us to the Prophetic era, and we can see the phases of transforming an orphan boy into a mature man who was being inspired by the feeling of great responsibility for human fates once the Revelation occurred. Second, being meant for a broader audience, the book doesn’t contain multiple footnotes on each page.

Also, the author’s account is put in a broader historic perspective rather than confined to the history of Arab region. The book explicates basic principles of Islam and opens up a delicate theme exposed to great many speculations, Prophetic wives and premises for each of his marriages, refuting in this way the widespread rumors and inventions.

Sound information about Prophet is disseminated by “Alraid” in the month of Prophet’s birthday and beyond it

Rabbi-Al-Awwal is the month of the Islamic lunar calendar when Prophet Muhammad (may be peace and blessings upon him) was born.  It’s not the only period for “Alraid” to arrange various cultural and education events opening up the personality of the Last Prophet (may be peace and blessings upon him), although “Alraid” effort in this field is more intensive in Rabbi-Al-Awwal than ever.

“Alraid”, jointly with “Ummah”, publishes books on Prophetic biography, prints brochures and releases thematic rubrics on-line.  Throughout the year parishioners of “Alraid” and “Ummah” mosques are urged to follow the way of Prophet in various daily circumstances.


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