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01.10.2013 / 1190

Quarterly benefit payments for orphans deprived of paternal care due to various wear and tear of life has been launched at Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre last weekend. Those underaged children are among orphans in the AUASO “Alraid”’s ward. The guardians from throughout the Crimean peninsula come for material aid which is to facilitate their burden of raising and maintaining an orphaned child. The event is to continue next weekend, on October 5 and 6.

Financial aid to more than 2000 orphans this quarter went along with distribution of stylish  Islamic-ornamented exercise-books AUASO “Alraid” printed earlier this autumn; seasonal clothing and brochures on ablution and performing prayers. Event facilitators also organised various competitions for orphans. Young Muslims competed in reading and  reciting the Holy Qur’an as well as in intellectual emulations and sports.

Searching Sponsorship For Orphans

The programme of quarterly benefit payments for orphans is just a part of amplitudinous work the “Alraid Team” does in searching sponsors for poor Crimean Tatar families and orphans through public charity funds.

We have 2300 orphans in ward at present, and this number increases for another 100 each year. Guardians seeking sponsorship provide the Association with listed documents and wait for us to find a sponsor in one of the Muslim countries for the orphan the guardian is raising. The response, however, can be negative, and each guardian is warned of that possibility in advance.

Besides financial aid, we provide other types of assistance for orphans: we invite them for interesting excursions and recreational events, organize and hold  Annual Summer Camps, festive concerts, etc.

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