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“Alraid” Gladdens Muslim Schoolchildren With Stylish Islamic-Ornamented Exercise-Books

06.09.2013 / 1385

AUASO “Alraid” holds on gladdening Muslim schoolchildren with stylish office supplies. 6.000 copies of Islamic-ornamented exercise-books were printed by the start of the new school year; 1.500 copies with each of the four patterns. Pupils will relish having colorful timetables which can be put hanging on the wall at home.

Both items will be spread among children visiting the Islamic Cultural Centres Sunday Schools and the orphans at the Association’s care.

There’s a variety of exercise-book designs available in Ukraine, however, most of them contain advertisements, pictures of girls in seductive poses, calls to text to commercial numbers, etc.

Fatyma Amrullaeva, the Head of AUASO “Alraid” Family Affairs Department, described the project as a response for both parents and schoolchildren willing to have distinctive and stylish exercise-books, yet free from advertising and questionable morals propaganda. The reverse side of the exercise-books contains multiplication table, weights and measures and guidance for the young generation based on the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah.

The issue of printing drawing-books in a similar design is on the agenda.

Olga Fryndak (Vice-president of Women Social Organisation “Maryam”) added that the Association had already printed the exercise-books containing pictures of mosques which was a success; the issues were spread among the schoolchildren within several days. For that reason the number of copies was increased this time.

“We understand there’ll be a steady demand for the exercise-books of that kind as they are expendable material for schoolchildren on the one hand and there are many subjects taught within the school year on the other hand. We plan to repeat the edition in the nearest future, increasing the number of copies if it's God's will.”

It bears reminding that the Association published 4.000 school diaries containing interesting information according to Islamic values for Muslim schoolchildren last year. Moreover, they also published educational colouring books and Arabic letters copybooks.


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