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GreenDeen’s planning a large eco-action in Kyiv

07.10.2019 / 8

The activists from Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre have launched the GreenDeen Initiative — the organisation aims to preserve the environment. One more project, Planting 500 Trees, also was added to GreenDeen's list of good deeds.

Anastasia Kharchenko, the GreenDeen Initiative’s co-founder, and Tariq Sarhan, Head of the Department Introduction to Islamic Culture at the Kyiv ICC, told about the action in a video on Facebook:

— The idea of planting 500 trees belongs to the guys, who are already doing this at the One Million Trees initiative, — says Anastasia. — The main goal is to join the efforts of those who’s already participating in this project, and to plant a million trees in Ukraine! And we, Muslims, will cooperate with this initiative. Meantime, we are doing this by efforts of ICC activists, and further on, inshaallah, other organisations and the fellowshippers of other mosques will join us to boost our number, and to make our goal come true.

The next action will take place on October 19: Muslims want to plant 300 elms, 100 poplars without fluff and 100 catalpas along one of the Kyiv highways.

"And we need your help," — Anastasia says to non-indifferent people. We need funds to buy planting stock, and to implement this project. And we still need people who are ready to come, and help to plant these trees.

If all goes well, such actions should be even bigger ones.

Muslim activists are going to plant willows along the river in Irpin - which, according to Anastasia, will be "feast for the eye", provide protect and sustainability of the river itself, as it dried up.

The average price of one young tree is 200 UAH, so we need a help from co-religionists.

"The environmental issues are the almost acute today," — said Tariq Sarhan. – “People, who are belonging to different religions, different nationalities, are discussing it. <...> the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) said a lot about it, the Qur’anic verses calls Muslims to be at the forefront, taking care of nature and the environment. The Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) says that every tree, which is feeding a bird, animal or man, is a like charity, made by a man, who planted it. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us that this deed (planting a tree. — Ed.) is one of the seven deeds a person will be bestowed for after death. <...>. Showing these humane values, stated in Islam, to non-Muslims, whom we live with here, in Ukraine, is a daavat! This is a way to show the civilized image of Islam, the Muslims’ love for the good that they make not only for Muslims, but for all people.

According to Tariq Sarhan, if Muslims manage to implement this plan, they will call the greening site with the name of the organisation or people or religion from which its followers, who care about the nature, by planting these areas with trees.

— It is a great honor for us and for me personally. It shows the civilized face of the Muslims of Ukraine, who care to bring benefits to their homeland, to all people.

According to Tariq Sarhan, the implementation of this project is "a very good chance to show all people religious Islamic values."

Activists appeal not only to fellow believers, but to all citizens, who care about the environment, as any person, or follower of any religion, can join the action.

On the GreenDeen Facebook page, you can find out how and where to meet people who want directly to take part in the tree planting. Also on the website of the PU "All-Ukrainian Association" Alraid" you can find a section" Environmental Initiatives ", with a form for those who want to provide a financial assistance.

Let us recall: Not long ago, GreenDeen activists urged co-religionists to minimize waste, and also focused on the importance of garbage sorting and, as far as possible, not to use disposable plastic tableware – first of all this concerns mass events: Ramatan Iftar, Uraz-Byram holidays(Eid al-Fitr), Qurban al-Bairam (Eid al-Adha), festivals, open days and etc..


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