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Relations With God and With Boys: Balance of Spiritual and Acute at Training for Teenage Girls

05.04.2018 / 211

Last weekend, teenage girls of 12 to 16 from Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv had an opportunity to discuss both religious and secular topics, as well add to their home decorations, for Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre hosted a two-day seminar for them.

The first day of the seminar was dedicated to lofty matters, such as a human's perception of God and attitude towards Him not as a source of wishes come true, but as a Creator, whom we love, respect, and to whom we thank for everything. They also discussed how to gain His contentment through prayers, other types of worship, and good deeds, as well as foregoing something bad which one had a great opportunity to commit. For instance, they discussed the problem of spreading gossips, and the evil behind gossiping.

The day ended on a positive note, for each of the girls made her very own decorative pillow which would not only add to design of their room but was of practical use as well.

The next day was totally dedicated to a training by Yilia Magerramova, a Psychologist. They discussed relations with the boys, which was the topical issue for the girls of that age. According to the Psychologist, their cooperation was interesting and fruitful: “I’m full of hope and optimism after today’s communication with the most wonderful young ladies,,, we discussed the delicate matters of dealing with the opposite sex. Still, the girls’ setup and their deep understanding of the complexity and importance of the matters of reputation reassured me. Those kids growing up in dialogue with the adults, enforced by a system of rules and regulations of the religion and the tradition, are capable of becoming  a backbone of the family institution and the society in general in the future.”



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