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Survival School Invites for Scout Camping in the Carpathians Again!

14.03.2018 / 157

Want to teach your little man durability, independence and skills of living out of overprotection, all amid the beautiful Carpathian mountains? Your son is 12 to 17 and disciplined enough not to find trouble for himself and the group in general? In that case, this offer is for you!

Ma 18-27 July a scout camping is to take place in the Carpathians, with conquering several peaks in the programme (for security reasons, the exact route will be told only to parents of the participants). An experienced instructor will help you child master the basic survival skills in the wild nature, and develop endurance and stamina and psychological resistance. The group will be supervised by a qualified medical worker.

Hurry up to fill in the application form, for the seating is limited! The cost (UAH 3,500) covers group equipment, roundway trip from Kyiv, basing, meals, first-aid kit and some unforeseen expense.

Please note that personal equipment is provided by the participant’s family, as well as a signed statement from the parents and a health certificate from either Therapist or Pediatrician! For any additional information and the list of personal equipment, as well as special requirements for participation, please call +38 093 834-83-64 (Diliaver).

Besides, individual consultation with every participant, including consultation of personal equipment, is to be held before the trip.



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