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"Helping Hand": a real help comes when a lot of hands get to work

13.12.2016 / 1819

The charity fair "Helping Hand" offereddifferentoptions for everyone: to buy ready-made gift in Crimean-Tatar style or to learn how to make a gift (and even to make during the fair!) by oneself. The different organisations and institutions combined efforts to hold this event, such as NGO "Krymska rodyna", the Association "Alraid", the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine, NGO "KrymSOS", the restaurant of the Crimean Tatar cuisine "Musafir" and the restaurant of Oriental cuisine “Family House”. The Office of the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Affairs of Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Ministry of the temporary occupied territories and the internally displaced people, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine and the Crimean Tatar resource Center also have assisted in the event organisation.

The volunteers of Kyiv ICC took the direct part in the fair, as well as had a hand in the organisation: they invited guests, prepared premises, arranged the furniture, distributed the printed materials, etc...

You had the opportunity to feel yourself as the potter at the master class of the known Crimean Tatar ceramist, Rustem Skibin, to weave shaped tamga macrame, and even to learn how to make the Crimean Tatar national women's headdress fez. In addition, ladies decorated their delicate hands with ungentle henna ornament (mehndi), and children had the opportunity to make up with an aqua grim.

During the fair, you could enjoy with tasting the Crimean Tatar and Arabic cuisines, as well as traditional oriental sweets. Also people could buy souvenirs with the Crimean Tatar symbols, pottery and books. People had the opportunity to support the children of political prisoners by buying children's handicrafts.

The мembers of the Crimean Tatar children's ensemble emotionallyrecited the famous poem by Liliya Bujurova "When we will come back — and we all will come back!":

Once we’ll gather in steppe or mountains,

And with music and fun we'll hold funeral repast

For your edicts and your cudgels...

— And adults really imagined with tears that one day warm and gentle sunshine ray would break through the dark clouds of the problems and tribulations.


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