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“GO EAST!”: the Ukrainian business is seeking new markets and snvestments in islamic countries

01.04.2016 / 977
In recent years, Ukrainian manufacturers are more likely to enter the Muslim countries' markets, and these, in turn, are considering the possibility of investing in the Ukrainian economy. This recovery gathered further interest of the state as well as of the private initiatives that have begun actively working in this direction.
The Conference Capturing New Markets, which took place on March 29, at Hilton Kyiv, became one of the large-scale themed events. At the invitation of the organizers, edition Kyiv Post, the event was attended by two structural units AUASO “Alraid”  — “Alraid” Halal Certification and Research Center, the organization that has helped many Ukrainian producers to enter the markets of Muslim countries,  and restaurant Family House, the host partner, handled by Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre.
The event brought together two hundred participants: business leaders, government officials, diplomats, experts and scholars from Ukraine, Turkey, the EU, the Middle East and North Africa.
The deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration, Valeriya Rutytska introduced “Alraid”  Halal Certification and Research Center as the old-standing and reliable partner of the Ukrainian business, which not only inspects production for compliance with Shariah issues, makes the recommendations, in order to bring the production process in compliance with these standards, and certifies the product, that has the full right be labeled with “halal”, but also helps manufacturers to enter the markets of the Muslim countries.
Due to its high standards, the cooperation with RAMU “Umma” and the disinterestedness, “Alraid” Halal Certification and Research Center has the good reputation in the Gulf countries, and its issued certificates gained the confidence in the region. Even the strictest official commissions, visited Ukraine to verify the actual production conditions and the compliance with issued certificates, never found any violations or deviations.
According to deputy director of the Centre, Larysa Polishchuk, she and her colleagues could not miss the opportunity " to be kept abreast", because, in addition to the certification of Ukrainian producers, they advise their clients on the sales of hahal products in the foreign markets, that’s why it is necessary to possess the most current information.
The restaurant Family House, in turn, has successfully coped with the creation of the unique atmosphere of the East — just between the workshops on Turkey and the Arab countries: the coffee ceremony with coffee pots, oriental sweets, dried fruit and tea were attracting the participants with its flavors to the buffet table. The guests had the opportunity not only refresh themselves, but also get acquainted with the small exposure of the utensils for preparing and serving coffee. And the master of calligraphy, Jamaladdin, willingly wrote with ink to everyone their names, slogans, and particular wishes on the special cards — as a small souvenir.


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