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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

When Having Your Iftar, Don’t Forget about People Deprived of it!

17.06.2015 / 767

It’s only several hours left until the sun goes down and the new moth of the hijri calendar, Ramadan, arrives. Another few hours — and the mosques will be filled with people who came for the first taraweeh prayer this year. AUASO “Alraid” team congratulates all the Muslims in Ukraine and all over the world upon the forthcoming month of fasting and purification, the blessed Ramadan!

We totally agree with Mufti of RAMU “Umma” Shaikh Said Ismagilov that Allah Almighty has given us His special Mercy this year, as it’s the first time in decades when there’s no argument for the date when the Holy month begins. All the methods (visual fixation of the crescend, it’s fixation with astronomical optical instruments, and even the calendar method — after the 30 days of Shaaban) indicate the same date. Let us not fail to use this opportunity as means to unite on something we all agree!

Please don’t forget that this is one of the few possibilities for Muslims living on Ukraine’s occupied territories to feel their union and integrity with their brothers and sisters in faith living in the rest of the country. They are being through difficult period today, not only under threat of being persecuted for their religion or even of losing their very lives in an indiscriminate shooting, as the terrorists often shoot their missiles into residential areas, but also finding bread for themselves and their families every single day. This is no exaggeration, as they have no means of earning money on the occupied land, and the prices have literally skyrocked.

Let us not only pray for our brothers and sisters to the Lord of the Earth and the Heaven, but try to help them with our down-to-earth actions, by donating some money or products to them. We are sure that imams at our mosques will be happy to assist you in delivering those means to the needy people.

We ask Allah Almighty to grant His creations His blessing and peace during this Holy month, and protect people both in Ukraine and other countries where armed conflicts continue or decay. And we ask you, our dear brothers and sisters, not to forget asking for this in your dua’s when breaking the fast every evening, as dua’s of those breaking the fast are accepted immediately.

We ask our Lord to strengthen our good intentions and help us purify ourselves from our past sins and mistakes during this blessed month and leave the non-pious deeds and habits behind forever.

The fasting teaches us to appreciate the countless gifts our Lord gives us for our good. Unfortunately, this year we have to learn how to appreciate peace as well  — a priceless gift, underestimated by many generations of Ukrainians who didn’t experience war.

And don’t forget the warning of our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: “If a person doesn’t stop lying and unlawful behaviour, the God has no need for depriving them of food and drink.”

May God Almighty keep us all safe!

All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations “Alraid”


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