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Best Male Qur’an Reciters Of Vinnytsya

06.05.2015 / 1083

More than two dozen men participated in a Qur’an reciting contest held at Vinnytsya islamic Cultural Centre on April 24. The contest traditionally has three levels, and this time the jury estimated best recitation of the Surah “Bees” (#16, 1st level), Surah “The Merciful” (#55? 2nd level) and Surah “The Jinns” (#72, 3rd level).

Not only knowledge of the text was estimated but also elocution and following the rules of tajweed. Prize-winners were awarded with money prizes.

Following the results, Mr.Abu Sibah Musab, Mr.Ibrahim Al-Suree and mr.Ibrahim Salem were the best three in first category; Mr.Muhammad Hamad, Mr.Imran of Caucasus and Mr.Haled Abu-Umar — in the second; and Mr.Muhammad Abu-Turkee, Mr.Abdulqadyr Thaluth, Mr.Muhammad Awwal in the third category.

We congratulate all the prize-winners and with them further inspiration of learning the Book of God!


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