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Ladies Are Welcome To The Special Course On Aqida And Fiqh!

06.06.2014 / 835

A special course of lectures on Aqida and Fiqh is to be held at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre in the nearest future. Every lady interested is welcome!

The lectures are to be held at the women’s mosque at 4 to 6 PM according to the following schedule:

June 10 — “Belief in God and Angels”;

June 11 — “Belief in Prophets and Holy Scriptures”;

June 12 — “Belief in the Day of Judgement and Predefinition”;

June 16 — “General introduction to  the science of Fiqh”;

June 17 — “Rulings of Fiqh”;

June 18 — “Fiqh for minorities”;

June 19 — “General issues”.


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