Muslims That Found Refuge In A Church

07.05.2014 / 837

Ukrainian tradition of Christian-Muslim mutual help now has another wonderful example. This time the helping hand was extended by the Protestants, who provided about 50 Muslims fled from the occupied Crimea with shelter, nutrition and medical aid. Volunteers from the Social Organisation “Al-Isra”, having learned that fact, started providing the refugees with halal meat and other products.

They didn't come empty-handed on May 1 as well; they brought meat as usual, and cookies for the children. Pastor Alexander, who harboured the refugees, received a letter of gratitude signed by Mr. Musa Salim, Head of “Al-Isra”, and a cake. The Pastor, on his part, told the guests about his community’s work in Vinnitsa region, and showed them around the church he’s assigned to.


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