Vinnitsa Students Made Themselves a Football Present Upon The Occasion Of May Holidays

06.05.2014 / 822

Players of a student football team “As-Sharab” faced the holidays of May with a victory behind: they were the strongest among the other participants of a football competition for the cup of “Al-Isra” Social Organisation (the city of Vinnitsa), with 2 other teams left behind in the finals. The prizewinner teams were awarded with cups, medals and valuable prizes.

The most prominent players of the competition, namely “the best player”, “the best goalkeeper” and “the best shooter” were awarded separately.

Such competitions among the Vinnitsa Muslim Youth are annual. As for the young people, they see this a chance of personal fulfillment, channeling their competitiveness and having a good time. The facilitators, on their part, take this as an opportunity to motivate the youth for sports and healthy living.


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