There’s No Greater Peacemaker Than A Soldier’s Mother - statement of Ukrainian Muslim Women

08.03.2014 / 950

Violence is always horrible, and fratricidal war is much worse. We, the women of Ukraine, condemn any appeals for escalating the tension and armed stand-off. Where men stand on the opposite sides of the barricades for political reasons, women of Ukraine and Russia are united by fear for their children, their brothers, their husbands and their fathers.

Our governors must never forget that the one who has a lot will hold accountable for a lot. Everyone willing to free the demons of war into our world must realise how great his responsibility is in front of God Almighty, and how much pain and suffering he will be held accountable for.

We want to remind those in authority that for us, the women, there’s no such thing as someone else’s children or someone else’s grief. Wherever we are from and whatever language we speak, all of us — mothers, wives, daughters and sisters — call upon our countrymen for peace and consent.

Dear Ukrainians! Please do not fall for provocations, don’t let us be involved in a feud. Please leave old discord and bitterness behind, for some time at least,  as Ukraine is our common home, and only together, hand by hand, we can make it peaceful and prosperous. We need all our wisdom and patience today as never before.

Women Social Organisation "Maryam"

Women Social Organisation "Nur"

Women Social Organisation "Hayat-Life"


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