Council of Ukrainian Muslims

«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

Muslim Organisations’ Appeal On Current Situation In Ukraine

03.12.2013 / 811

Dear Compatriots, brothers and sisters!

At these days we, the Ukrainian Nation and State, are having a serious examination regarding our political maturity and endurance, and defining our future.Will Ukraine remain a European state governed by the rule of law, where Human Rights and Freedoms are the basic values, as well as the Human Life as the greatest gift of the Creator, along political, interfaith and interethnic tolerance?

22 years ago we, the citizens of Ukraine, made our historical choice through a peaceful referendum — we voted for our independance. During all this time we’ve been trying to build a democratic state governed by the rule of law.

A civil society is maturing in Ukraine right before our very eyes, and it is an attribute of such kind of a state, and Religious and Social organisations as civil society institutions can not stand aside current events.

This process wasn’t easy and unshadowed. But the Nation of Ukraine always demonstrated their best qualities even at the darkest times, and these qualities are, first of all, our aiming for peace and respecting Human Rights And Freedoms.

And now, at this crucial moment in our Fatherland’s independant history, we, the Ukrainian Muslims vigorously declare our support for the forces who aim to maintain unity and cohesion of the State and prevent bloodsheds, chaos and violence.

We, the AUASO “Alraid” and RAMU “Umma”, officially declare that Ukrainian Muslims are patriots of our common Fatherland eager to stand for its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Our fellow believers, as people of other religions, go out and take part in peaceful demonstrations, openly expressing their civic position.

We call everybody for peace and cohesion. Our strength lies in our ability of solving the discords peacefully; in our willingness to support those who need it and protect the weak and oppressed from injustice. It lies in our ability to take a practical view of the situation and remain unprovoked.

We call for everybody not to label each other. We stress that Ukraine is our common Fatherland; the ground we sent down our roots. This is our common home, and we need cohesion and cooperation to protect this home, keep it neat and tidy, make it cosy and comfortable for us and our descendants. This is possible only if we stand together, hand by hand.

This is the only way for preserving our ability of becoming a democratic and prosperous nation and occupy rightful place among the European nations.

All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations “Alraid”

Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma”


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