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Coming to Ukraine on Private Transport Registered Abroad. Ukrainian Custom Regulations Guide, Part III.

09.11.2013 / 1390
This part of Custom Regulations covers  coming to Ukraine on a private transport registered abroad; transiting such transports through Ukrainian territory and also travelling around Ukraine on a transport with foreign plates.
Documents necessary during the trip:
1. Car registration license. Please note that the plates must only contain letters of Latin Alphabet;
2. If the transport is not driven by the owner:
— Notarized authorization to drive with the right to drive abroad specified;
— One can have a travel order card and a trip ticked instead of notarized authorization to drive (only if a transport is owned by a legal entity);
3. Driving license fulfilling the Convention on Road Traffic requirements.
Driving to Ukraine with no Purpose of the Transport’s Customs Clarification
If you are not planning to take the transport through customs clarification for its future registration in Ukraine, you’ll need to make the following simple steps:
1. Receive blanc immigration cards for the driver and every passenger older than 14 from the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) officer;
2. Fill them in and give them for the SBGS Officer to check along with transport documents listed above. Upon the returning of the documents and lifting the toll bar drive to checkpoint;
3. Provide your immigration cards, transport documents, your and the passengers’ personal documents to the counter;
4. Co through the Customs check. In general this procedure is limited to oral questioning and opening the trunk for perfunctory inspection. Fill in declaration if asked to;
5. After the documents are returned, please check if all of them have the immigration card counterfoils. Person responsible for the private transport should also have a special stamp for temporary importing the transport in their counterfoil.
6. After the customs check is over, drive to the checkpoint exit. If the toll bar is down, wait until it’s lifted. No further providing documents is required.
Transport Customs Clearance
It turns out that transport custom clearance in Ukraine raises negative emotions, first of all, because of the too-high tax rates and nebulosity of taxing policy.
Let us list the taxation payments within the customs clearance of transports shortly:
1. Entrance duty — in most cases it’s 10% of the transport’s total customs price, excluding diesel minibuses and buses for carrying more than 10 passengers with engine capacity more than 5l (the rate is 20%), electric engines (8%) and cars with capacity more than 3l (6% beginning with 2012).
2. Special duty - for gasoline engines 1 to 2.2 l only. Adopted in 2013 for 3 years. The rate for gasoline engines 1 to 1.5l is 6.46%, and 12.95% for gasoline engines 1.5 to 2.2 l.
3. Disposal fee (from September 1, 2013) - UAH 5500 for cars and UAH11000 for lorries. The rate also depends on the engine, weight and age of the transport.
4. Excise duty. Depends on the type of transport, engine, fuel etc.
5. VAT. 20% from the total sum of customs price, entrance duty, special duty, disposal fee and excise duty.


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