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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

God’s names simplify the perception of Him in the material world

10.05.2013 / 1054

Round table for teenagers “Names of Allah” was undertaken by the Women’s Public Organization “Nur” on May, 4, 2013. Seven participants submitted the reports to listeners’ and jury’s consideration, each highlighting the meaning of the two of ninety nine Names of the Most High.

Understanding of the Divine being in the material world

When selecting and approving the themes, organizers cared to keep the balance between the qualities of Allah, specific to Him only, and the qualities to be sought by a Muslim in improving his/her morals.

It’s from times immemorial that humans realized their spiritual link with God and sought to learn about the Divine being. Ninety nine Names of the Most High, reflecting the qualities specific to Him, simplify human perception of God in the material world.

Each Muslim must strive for better learning the Creator’s being and call people to the pure and deeply conscious faith in Him. It’s only through learning that we can realize His Greatness, His closeness and great mercy to us.

Designation of winners
Summing up the round table, jury announced the winners who had prepared their reports in the most perfect way by supplying them with relevant video presentations. They were Hatija Amrullayeva (top place) and Kamila Gatsalova (second place) who were presented players. The other participants were given encouraging prizes and, thereafter, invited to talk with a cup of tea and sweets.


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