“Alraid”: the official examination center of the Islamic On-line Uuniversity

11.03.2013 / 919

Since the beginning of March 2013 “Alraid” has been the official examination center of the Islamic On-line University.

As “Alraid” fully meets the requirements specified for examination centers of the Islamic On-line University, it was connected to the network of examination centers for taking exams twice a year.

The Islamic On-line University offers high quality Islamic secondary and higher education. Also, it has programs for post-graduate training. The training is free at all stages, thus making the Islamic education easily available for people with a variety of income levels across the globe. There are more than 18,000 University students now, coming from 160 countries.

The University was founded in 2001 by Dr. Bilal Philips and became the first accredited Islamic higher education establishment (HEE) offering training on-line. Prior to this, Dr. Philips had been a lecturer in several Islamic HEEs in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The University renewed students’ recruitment in 2007, after solving a number of technical problems and improving academic programs. As a result, the academic course could be supplemented by new audio and video lectures that were convenient for view on-line given all types of Internet connections.

Also, on-line meetings of students with the University dean for discussing vital issues are arranged each month.


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