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RISU: New Ukrainian-Arabian Information Resource will tell to Arabian World about Ukraine

07.01.2011 / 864

In the conditions of globalization of information streams and fast distribution of new information technology Ukraine should adequately react and adapt to similar transformation of social life so the bases of new media which would properly represent Ukraine on the international scene, will positively influence further policy of Ukraine directed on preservation of its own identity and national interests, entering of the state into the world information field. With such purpose, according to the founders, the new site of the information-analytical centre (IAC) is created by "Alraid" which starts its work today, on December, 1st.

As founders of the Center informed RISU, before them there was a problem of creation of the Ukrainian-Arabian information resource which could tell about
Ukraine in the Arabian region.

As they state, information-analytical centre "Alraid" will play an important role in public opinion formation, distribution of the information on the major political, social and economic, religious and cultural processes occurring in

Information-analytical centre "Аlraid" is an Arabic-language resource. For external target audience it is represented in the Internet by a site ( with various headings and subheadings. On the site are published interviews to well-known Ukrainian and Arabian figures living in
Ukraine, and working in political, economic, cultural and religious spheres.

Monthly information-analytical newspaper serves as means of informing of the Arabic-language population of
Ukraine and is spread in its territory. In the newspaper is published the analytical material of the latest Ukrainian events and author's articles of representatives of the Arabian diplomatic departments and diasporas.

According to the founders, the information-analytical centre "Аlraid" aspires to strengthening of friendly relations between
Ukraine and the Arab countries. The priority problem of the Center consists in the maximum disclosing of potential of Ukraine in relations with the Arab countries.

"IAC "Alraid" sees
Ukraine as rich, stable and developed country which will have adjusted relations with all regions of the world", is stated in the message of "Аlraid" press-service.

Source: RISU


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