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11.04.2018 / 124

11 days recreation in a picturesque place in the Carpathians, with benefits for both the body and the soul, halal meals and adventures — the children’s camp “Druzhba” (Ukr. “Friendship”) once again offers that opportunity to the children 9-14 years of age. This year’s camp is to take place on 2-13 July 2018, and the registration is already open. Feel free to sign up and learn all the additional information on the telephone No +38(093)993–8159. Please note that seats are limited!

The tour costs UAH 5,600 per child, and there’s an option of instalments in advance. The cost covers three daily halal meals, accommodation in a hotel room with a bath, 24|7 presence of tutors and a medical worker, medical care, well water, photo- and video filming, and a round way trip from Kyiv. Our tutors, in addition to Ukrainian, speak Crimean tatar, Arabic, English and Russian, so every child will be heard and understood.

Young Muslims will find classes and sport games in the open air, workshops, quests, football and ping-pong competitions, archery, evenings at the campfire, river bathing, climbing the Hoverla mountain and excursions. Please find the review of one of the previous camps here.

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