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Ask a Sheikha: Member of RAMU “Umma”Shariah Counsil Held a Seminar for Kharkkiv Muslimahs

29.06.2019 / 45

Can anyone understand a woman better than another woman? Who can answer the most delicate questions in the fullest? For women do have problems that men find hard to comprehend, and only a woman with a respective training knows both the theory and its practical implications.

On 23 June Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Centre hosted a meeting with a guest from Dnipro, namely with the only female member of RAMU “Umma”Shariah Counsil, Ms.Anastasia Radoveliuk. Among the topics raised there were, for instance, balance of modesty and modernity in a certain cultural conext, limits between a Muslimah’s personal style and undesirable choice of clothing and accessories, appropriate attire for different situations, basic rules of using makeup and perfumes.

There were more delicate questions as well, like periods and postpartum bleeding. The participants were reminded of religious rulings on different aspects of life during those periods of vulnerability and of the practical meaning of those rulings for a woman’s health. Everyone had an opportunity to discuss even the most delicate matters and get full extended answers.

Noteworthy, the meeting was facilitated by Ukrainian Muslimahs League.


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