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Pupils of Zelenohaiska Orphan Boarding School Preparing Return Visit

31.05.2018 / 79

On Sunday, 25 May, Muslimahs from Social Organisation “Nadia” (Ukr. “Hope”) paid another visit to the orphans from Zelenohaiska General Boarding School for orphans with mental issues and rehabilitation of children with mental issues from poor families.

On that day, unfortunately, the long-standing regular visitors could not see all the children, as some of the kids were absent due to their medical examinations. Still, the Muslim volunteers held a master-class of creating individual beaded bracelets with their names for the kids who were present. Besides, they brought colouring books and treats (sweets, juice and fruit) for everyone.

Still, the pupils of the boarding school are soon to return a visit: after a summer camp at Zelenohaiska Boarding School is over, the teachers are to bring them to Kharkiv ICC for a visit. The teenagers are looking forward to getting on that trip, as they want to know more about Muslims and see a real mosque with their own eyes.

Noteworthy, the previous visit of the Kharkiv Muslims to the School took place on 15 April 2018, but they’ve been paying regular visits since March 2016.


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