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Gymnasium “Our Future”s Two “First Bells”: Starting New School Year with a New Branch!

04.09.2017 / 1522

As the beginning of school year coincided with the feast Eid al-Adha this autumn, it was decided by Administration of the Kyiv branch of Gymnasium “Our Future” that the “First Bell” ceremony was to be postponed until Monday, 4 September.

This year, the Gymnasium will be schooling 240 students, and it is the first year where they have a 10th grade (the elder students, apart of the ordinary classes, will be working hard preparing for their Uniform state exams).

Two classes of the first-graders were mustered this year, with 18 students in each. The celebratory assembly began with a festive concert and a greeting for the new schoolmates, where the kids recited poems and set plays. After the concert, animators joined the party, proposing interesting games and quizzes.

Meanwhile the Kharkiv branch of Gymnasium still completes equipping the classrooms with everything necessary, so their school year is to begin next Monday, on 11 September. By today, they mustered three classes of kids: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grate; 20 pupils in total.

Wishing the students academic excellence and profound progress in their studies!



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