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New Academic Year At Sunday Schools Of Arabic

08.10.2015 / 1135
Arrival of Autumn traditionally also means that a new academic year begins at Sunday Schools of Arabic at AUASO “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres.
School in Zaporizhzhya was the first one to open this time, for 55 students, including 20 freshmen, have been studying since mid-September. Classes at Kharkiv ICC also began; about a 100 students attend the School this year, including 40 freshmen.
Two Schools launched their programmes last weekend, one in Vinnytsya (60 students, including 40 freshmen) and one in Odessa.
Kyiv students will have their first classes on Saturday, September 10. The Administration is expecting to see 200 students, including 120 freshmen, at the opening ceremony.
Lviv ICC hasn’t determined the opening date yet; estimated date is mid-October. As for Dnipropetrovsk, children’s school of Arabic has been operating since past weekend, and the admission of adults is still open. Their classes are to begin in November. About 20 persons already expressed their interest for participating.


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