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Grinchenko University Students Are Exited After Visiting Kyiv ICC

12.06.2015 / 815

Most specialisations taught by Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University are directly linked with close interpersonal communication skills, and Philosophers and Religious Studies researchers are no exception. Communication skills and ability to find contact with people of different views are crucial for them. Besides, researchers in the field of religion need to know the social groups they’re studying not only from the books.

“Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres are always open for cooperation with educational institutions, and always welcome teachers and their students. Thus, 10 students of Kyiv Grinchenko University in order to learn something about Muslims first-hand. That makes sense, as overlearning lots of de-personalized facts that will be forgotten soon after exams are over is one thing, and getting in touch with something new and meeting the live “illustrations” for those facts that are to be easily recalled when remembering your acquaintance is something completely different.

Later that day Ms.Vira Tytarenko, the group’s coordinator, sent a gratitude letter, where she thanked  Mufti of RAMU “Umma” Shaikh Said Ismagilov and AUASO “Alraid” PR Director Mr.Oleh Guzik for their warm reception. She stressed that the letter wasn’t just a “polite formality”, but a result of the visitors’ (first of all, the students’) great admiration.


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