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Want An Interesting Seminar? Do It Yourself!

09.01.2015 / 928

Muslim teenage girls of Kharkiv found a way to spend their winter holidays in an interesting and useful manner, which resulted in a seminar on the four righteous Caliphs facilitated by the schoolgirls. They prepared series of lectures about each of those historical figures, and arranged a dispute-club as well.

The adults eagerly supported the initiative. First of all, this was a really good rolemodel for every Muslim, and, while preparing their reports, the girls studied many situation in the Caliphs’ lives who spared neither trouble nor their time nor expense in order to make the message of islam reach as many people as possible. they didn’t sentimentalize the world, dividing it to friend-or-foe, and eagerly helped people in need regardless their ethnic or religious identity, strived to protect the oppressed and redress the justice, even if the oppressor was their friend or relative.

Besides, such activities helps improve the organizing skills and develops the useful skill of speaking at a function, which is very useful for the young ladies’ future.

After the seminar was over, each girl was honoured with a certificate and a small gift, and then both the speakers and the audience were welcomed to the sweet buffet.


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