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Gifts From “Maryam” For HIV-Positive Kids Living In The ATO-Zone

22.12.2014 / 900
In late November an initiative group of Donetsk citizens and social organisation “Donbass-SOS” asked everyone willing to participate in a charitable project aimed to purchase gifts for HIV-positive children livion in the ATO (Anti Terrorist Operation) Zone (Shiezhnoe, Torez, Yasinovata, Dobropillya, etc.)
Those children, living in the region where military action is going on, wrote their touching letters where they expressed hope that the war was to be over soon and they were to receive the gifts they’ve been waiting for during the whole year. Ms.Lesya Skubko, a volunteer and a Christian, approached her Muslim friends asking them to join the project.
“I approached the Women’s SOcial organisation “Maryam” before the weekend, and we already had beautiful and bright and various gifts at our “Donbass-SOS” office as early as on Monday evening. IN some cases the Muslim women, who are tolerant and compassionate people, took their own kids with them when they went to buy the presents, in order to teach their children compassion from the early years. THe little ones wrote their notes to put in the gift, where they expressed their best wished to their peers in Donbass,” — the volunteer says.
Lesya expressed her sincere joy for the fact that mercy of the believers in not limited to their own religious group, n the gratitude letter received by “Maryam” reads. On the contrary, this Mercy spreads for everyone in tough situation, especially children.
“My Muslim friends are worthy followers of Prophet Muhammad who, when a needy person approached him, preferred their need to his own, sometimes in food, sometimes in clothing. Muhammad called upon everyone to donate not only be word, but also be deed. I send my heartfelt gratitude to Muslim women form the social organisation “Maryam” on behalf of the initiative group and the children’s parents — for your sincere faith, for your love to your neighbour and all those acts of mercy you do for God’s sake, in order to make this world filled with light and God’s infinite love!” 


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