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Predecessors’ Success Is Better Than Any Advertisement

12.02.2014 / 921

It’s been 20 years already since Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Centre first opened its door for everyone interested in learning Arabic. Outreach activities are of the priorities for the Organisation, so its team didn’t take time to relax even on their twentieth anniversary and started the new semester on time with a socid ceremony of greeting newcomers and honouring the graduates.

Folk sophia says that it’s not the one who’s most talented of most worthy who succeeds, but the one who’s the most persistent, as he’s the one who need it most. Only five students among dozens of their classmates have successfully completed the course this time. On the other hand, they impressed the freshmen with introducing themselves and telling about their study in the Sunday School — all in Arabic, and translated their speeches so that everybody in the audience could understand them. They proved that their success is possible despite the classes are held only once a week.

It took only five semesters to master the basic vocabulary and grammar. What can be a better advertisement than the predecessors’ success? After the Director, Mr. Shady Othman, held a greeting speech and sweet threats the new student made their first step towards mastering the exotic language and went to have their first Arabic classes.


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