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Interfaith Relations Discussed In Crimea

21.11.2013 / 1077

A scientific conference covering interethnic, intercultural and interfaith relations started in Crimea. ASASO “Alraid” and Crimean Department of the NAS Institute of Oriental Studies are the main facilitators.

Deputy of Crimean Parliament Valerii Kosarev, Deputy Minister for Education, Youth And Sports Lenara Selendili, President of Crimean Engineering And Teacher’s University Fevzi Yakubov, representatives of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea, educators and graduate students from different Universities of the peninsula are present.

During the session about 40 reports in different spheres are to be presented, including  interethnic, intercultural and interfaith relations in Crimea, the role social organisations play in developing tolerance and international experience of successful interethnic relations.

Such conferences are held at the Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre annually. For more information please check the updates at our website.


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