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Fighting over Chessboard Doesn’t Hurt Friendship beyond the Competition

06.11.2013 / 1010
Another Open Republican Chess Competition initiated by the “Emel” Social Organisation took place at Simferopol City Islamic Cultural Centre on October 26. The participants, aged 10 to 23, represented different Chess Clubs and Universities of the peninsula.
According to Mr. Muslim Dervishes, the Head of “Emel”, such competitions are meant not only for involving youth in sports and revealing talented Chess-players, but also for gathering youth of different ethnic, cultural and religious background at such events. Fighting over the chessboard often gives a start to friendship and developing mutual understanding and respect. Eighteen players competed for the main prize this time.
Following the competition results, the first place was given to Mr. Alexander Ledakov, who was awarded with a cup. a medal, a certificate and a valuable prize. Second and Third place were occupied by Alexander Triapishko and Justin Dhilon respectively.
This competition is held by several years already and the “Emel” activists hope that it becomes more and more popular every next year.


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