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“Alraid” Newspaper Received A Letter of Gratitude: Crimean Tatar Schoolchildren Will Enter The New School Year With New Windows Installed In Their Classroom

31.07.2013 / 1016

The “Arraid” Newspaper office received a letter of gratitude signed by schoolchildren’s parents and form master of the 4-B form of the Rodnikovskiy Educational Complex in Simferopol district.

“We wanted to express our profound gratitude to Muhammad Taha, Head of the AUASO “Alraid” local office, for granting sponsorship and assisting in the new modern windows installation in our classroom with Crimean Tatar language tuition.

A pleasant gift is waiting for our children when the new school year begins, and the adults’ care for their health and comfort is a very good example of kindness and mercy for them”, - the letter says.

The authors also thank Mt. Shevket Refatov and his team for the conscientious and quality work they did while installing the windows.

It bears reminding that the AUASO “Alraid” Crimean local office offers help for the schools with Crimean Tatar language tuition on a regular basis. This is done within the framework of the Repatriate Assistance Programme functioning in Crimea. The Association not only does minor repairs in separate classrooms, but also completed a gut rehab of 16 schools with Crimean Tatar language tuition.


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