Resolution of the “Alraid” general meeting: call to peace, mutual understanding and morality

29.03.2013 / 839

Last weekend the All-Ukrainian Association of Public Organizations (AAPO) “Alraid” held the annual general meeting in the central office in Kiev.

Summing it up, the delegates adopted Resolution highlighting a series of issues of local, regional and international significance.

1. Having given high appraisal of the action of the newly created women’s organization “Nur” (Simferopol), the delegates were unanimous about it admittance in “Alraid”.

2. It was decided that Donbass affiliation of “Alraid” should be established, due to the high activity of the organizations in the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk (Donbass region).

3. Our new strategic plan was contributed by representatives of various nations, “Alraid” veterans, new staff and volunteers alike. We call all our organizations to keep with this strategic plan, to have it successfully accomplished, although their action should not be confined to it. 

4. We, the participants of the General Meeting, state that the principles of moderateness and tolerance in Islam, which are the basic ones in this religion, must be observed by all the “Alraid” members.

5. A matter of principle is compliance of “Alraid” action with the Ukrainian legislation and basic principles of “Alraid” which lay the fundament for its unity and strength, and unique qualities distinguishing it from other organizations.

6. We, the participants of the General Meeting, call Ukrainian Muslims to strive for unity, to be guided by the principle of moderateness of Islam and keep aside from various forms of extremism which distort the image of our religion, to enhance to as high as possible degree our own contribution in the development of the Ukrainian society.

7. Given the existing political discord in Ukraine, we address all the ethnic and religious groups in Ukraine, calling them to strive for peace and consolidation.

8. The General Meeting of the AAPO “Alraid” calls to stop bloodshed and advocates the peoples who are fighting now for their rights and freedoms: the people of Syria (fighting against the tyranny of the ruling regime), Muslims of Myanmar (being under oppression and persecutions), Palestinian people (being oppressed by the state of Israel, and Islamic and Christian shrines located on its territory are endangered, being exposed to desecration and ruining).


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