A representative from “Solidarity” foundation gets acquainted with actions of “Mariyam” and “Alraid”

26.03.2013 / 1005

A representative from “Solidarity” foundation (Moscow, Russian Federation) came to Kiev by air last weekend. She took part in the International Conference “Traditional values and contemporary challenges” organized by “Mariyam”, and could have a closer look at the action of “Mariyam”, which is a women’s organization, and the All-Ukrainian Association of Public Organizations “Alraid”.

Action of “Alraid” and “Solidarity” has much in common

“Alraid” and “Solidarity” foundation have quite many common fields of action. One of them is fostering a positive image of Islam by disseminating authentic and reliable information about this religion and informing about Muslim projects and undertakings. People who receive mainly negative information about followers of Islam in mass media can be assured in this way that there are many good and merciful people among Muslims and that crime or rude words is a result of violation rather than observation of this religion’s rules.

Each one is capable to do a good deed

Also, both Muslim public associations take care about orphans and deprived ones by collecting material and humanitarian aid for the needy.

Both arrange great many cultural and educative events aiming to help Muslims to learn more about their religion, to be active community members; both organize great many charitable and socially beneficial projects where each one can take on the role of a volunteer.


Mrs. Liliya Muhamediyarova writes in her mention of gratitude: “Watching your action, our foundation sincerely welcomes the organized and concerted effort of our brothers and sisters; the colossal amount of work that you do for the benefit of the ummah makes us admire it…”

“We are glad to cooperate with you, and we hope that it is the start of the way for the sake of our community’ progress and welfare”.

Yet, foundation staff and volunteers do not spare time; it took them only couple of years to establish a volunteer network, inspire people to aid friends and strangers, organize regular collection of money for the needy and launch humanitarian supplies to the regions that are badly in need of it. 

Mrs. Suzanna Islamova, chairwoman of “Mariyam”, expresses hope for further fruitful cooperation with “Solidarity” foundation. She welcomes the established relations and believes that both organizations can share valuable experiences and useful ideas, which will make their actions even more efficient. 


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