"Alraid" teaches operational planning administrative staff of its organizations

22.03.2013 / 906

In the past weekend the “Alraid” secretariat organized training seminar on operative planning in the conference hall of the Islamic Cultural Center in Kiev. It was attended by nearly 30 persons who were newly elected chairmen and members of executive committees of five organizations incorporated in “Alraid”.

Mr. Bassil Mareei introduced the newly elected administrative staff to the organizing structure of “Alraid”, informed its principles, system of values, fields of action and project implementation mechanisms. 

Effective planning and consolidation of team

Mr. Wail Alami, “Alraid” Secretary-General, pointed out that successful management requires that plans are properly made up and implemented, and highlighted main phases and principles of planning. The participants could check if they had really understood the material and how well, and consolidate information that they got in the practical part of training.

Mr.Ismail Kady, “Alraid” deputy-chairman, pointed out that team consolidation and organized team work is an essential condition for success if even an action is perfectly planned. In addition, consolidation and unity is prompted by the Most High and His Messenger (may be peace and blessings upon him).


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