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“Do you know Islam?”: “Alraid” and “Maarifchi” establish the Academic Competition for Crimean Tatar pupils

27.11.2012 / 2326
The first Academic Competition for pupils from high schools with Crimean Tatar language of learning, entitled “Do you know Islam”, was held on Sunday, November 25, 2012, in the Islamic Cultural Center in Simferopol. It is expected to be held in future on annual basis. 
According to the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations (AUASO) “Alraid” and the Association of Crimean Tatar Teachers “Maarifchi”, its objective is in religious enhancement of Crimean Tatar youth, preservation of their national, cultural and religious identity, and in moral strengthening of these young people for the benefit of the whole Ukrainian community, of which they are integral part. 
Participants and competent jury
Although representatives of three schools from among the thirteen invited ones could not take part in the Olympiad due to certain circumstances, high school pupils from the other ten schools proved their competencies.
The jury was selected quite seriously: Prof. Muedin Hayrudinov (chairman); Dr. Seyran Arifov, master of Shariah sciences; Mr. Riza Fazyl, chairman of the Union of Crimean Tatar Writers; Mr. Arsen Alchikov, representative from Milli Mejlis in the Crimean Mufti Administration; Mr.Seyran Useynov, Mr. Shevket Yunusov, members of the “Maarifchi” board; Mrs. Revziye Alishayeva, school teacher; Mr.Muslim Dervishev, head of the youth organisation “Emel”, and Mrs. Fatyma Amrullayeva, head of the “Alraid” department on family, women and children matters.
“Maarifchi” and “Alraid”: fruitful cooperation
Mrs. Safure Kajametova, who is “Maarifchi” chairman and a deputy of the Crimean Parliament, thanked “Alraid” for their initiative and continuing and comprehensive support given to the Crimean Tatar people. She voiced her hope for regular organization of such events in future.
Mrs. Fatyma Amrullayeva, head of the department on family, women and children matters, spoke on “Alraid” behalf and expressed gratitude to “Maarifchi” and all members of jury and schools principals whose effort aims to preserve Crimean Tatar culture and traditions. 
Intellectual contests of pupils
The contest for knowledge of Islam was held in Crimean Tatar language in two phases. The first one included questions about biography of the Prophet (may be peace and blessings on him); the ones who had passed it were admitted to participation in the second round involving more complicated questions.
The final was reached by high school pupils Enver Lumanov and Tair Urazaliyev from the village of Mayskoye (“Kalay” in Crimean Tatar language, Jankoy district) who showed the same number of scores. The jury had to ask additional questions to select the winner who was Enver Lumanov. Second and third places were taken by Tair Urazaliyev and Medine Mustafayeva (the village of Vilino, or “Almatarhan” in Crimean Tatar language).
The Academic contest organizers awarded the triple of winners and gave memorial presents to all participants, members of the jury and school principals.
Feride Vait


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