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The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expresses its solidarity with the Syrian people, and condemns the escalating atrocities

02.04.2012 / 1863
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe follows with great sadness and anxiety, the grave turn of events in the series of massacres and atrocities perpetrated in Syria against citizens demanding freedom, democratic change, and an end to tyranny. What is currently happening in a number of Syrian cities, towns, and villages are atrocities that make the skin crawl. Successive reports paint a horrific scene of bombardment, attacks, and shootings, targeting residential areas, and the masses of Syrian men and women, especially in the city of Homs, reaping hundreds of lives every day, without the Syrian authorities showing any intent to halt this bloody approach, or respond to the voice of the people.
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, as it emphasises its solidarity with the Syrian people at this crucial juncture, and while consoling the families of the victims and the injured, articulates its strongest condemnation for the ongoing mass killings, and terrorising of the Syrian people calling for democratic change in their country.
Over the course of nearly a year of its continuing popular revolution, Syria has witnessed an overwhelming mass mobilisation that displayed rare and unmatched resolve, in seeking freedom, democracy, transparent popular participation, and building a better future. It was hoped that decision-makers would respond to the legitimate demands of their people, but they chose to mobilise the army, and gangs of security personnel to wage an evil war against the people, and commit atrocities.
Europe's Muslims feel immense pain for the continuing suffering of their brethren in Syria, and the high price that they are paying to secure their liberty. Syrians have massed in squares since March of last year, to demand their basic rights, and were confronted by an orchestrated campaign of murder, torture, and repression, forcing some to flee, seeking safe haven in the neighbouring countries.
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe urges support for the Syrian people, and solidarity with them at this critical time. The Arab and Muslim world, the European Union, and the international community in its bodies and institutions, must overcome their reluctance, and display appropriate firmness regarding the horrific violations committed by the Syrian regime, and its organs of repression. No doubt, that acting as spectators with regard to the barbaric actions taking place, has cost the Syrian people up to now, thousands of innocent victims, and yet, many more will fall if this policy of inaction continues, and the onslaught of the killing machine on the inhabitants continues undeterred.
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe remains confident that Syria’s bright future can only be realised in a climate of freedom, democracy, and justice, with the end of tyranny, and ensuring respect for the will of the people, and protection for their dignity and lives.
Brussels, 5 February 2012 (14 Rabi‘ al-Awwal 1433H)
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe


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